Currently on exhibit

What we believe:

We at Poke Loco believe in the passions and talents of our community and want to provide a way for local artists to display their work to gain exposure in the community. We think it’s a crime how artists have such a hard time actually benefiting from their talents financially. We would like to try and do our part to fix that. 

What we propose:

We are offering our walls as a canvas for your talents. Come display your art free of any charge or commission. We will display your artist statement and or bio with contact information and whatever sales price you would like for the piece. Use it as a gallery to display your talent, as a place that you can send perspective clients to view your work. An inexpensive way to get yourself known.



We understand how precious your work is and will treat your work with great respect but in the unexpected instance that something happens to your work that is out of our control. We do require a release of liability, and assume zero financial liability for your work. With that being said realize we will do everything in our power to safe guard your personal masterpieces.