Step 1.

Choose whether you would like a Build Your Own Buffet or Pre-Built Bowls.

Buffet works great for large groups or picky eaters.

Pre-Built works great for a quick and easy lunch.

Step 2.

Choose your proteins, toppings, and beverages.

10-15 people: 2 proteins & 5 toppings is recommended

16-25: 3 proteins & 6 toppings  is recommended

26-50: 3 to 5 proteins & all toppings is recommended

Step 3.

Call, text or email your order

Catering Sales

Channing Winblad

cell: (405) 444-4989



John Shelton

restaurant: (405) 607-0035


Step 4.

Confirm details including:

Delivery Date & Time

Delivery Address

Payment Method

Email for Receipts

Receipt Requirements

Order Specifics

Any Allergy/Dietary Needs

Special Instructions

Catering Available


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